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I´m travelling a day
I´m travelling a year,
I´m travelling a lifetime to find my way home
home is where my heart is
my heart is with me
home is where my heart is
my heart is with you
(songwriter unbekannt)

My Life’s Dance

I am a social worker and a certified Biodanza director trained by Dipl.Psych. Cristina Arrieta, Biodanza-School Frankfurt.

  • Education and training in "Middendorf Breathwork”
  • Training in "Life-Art-Process" by Anna Halprin, with Ursula Schorn
  • BodyMindPerformance & dance training, with Horst Viral
  • "Awakening women", with Chameli Ardag
  • Life processes in nature:
    _ Vision quest in the wilderness of Scotland
    _ "The four shields of life and death" with Meredith Little
    _ Council Foundation - a community-building form of communication, Eschwege Institute
  • I’m leading groups for personality development since 1997 (

"Dancing is loving life"

Thanks to Biodanza I have completely arrived in this world. Biodanza teaches me again and again how
to feel happiness and pleasure,
how to connect with my strength and how to give myself to life with joy and ease.

Life is a dance and I am looking forward to dance this dance with you.

Special thanks go to my wonderful teacher Cristina Arrieta. She has accompanied me on my way with her great love and passion, as well as her deep trust in life.

"I will always dance ... My footprints on this earth are dancing ones, with each movement they plant hope, light, passion, pleasure, freedom, desires, happiness, peace and infinite tenderness."- Cristina Arrieta, June 2008